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Buyer Feasibility Test

It is very common for a business owner to overestimate the value of his or her business. This is quite natural since we all want our businesses to be worth as much as possible—especially when it comes time to sell. Because of a Buyer’s need to capitalize the acquisition, typically...
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Customer Loyalty Trumps Satisfaction

In this environment, it’s all about satisfying the customer. Do what you say you’ll do, meet client expectations, and your business will thrive, right? Not quite. According to Eric Gregg, managing partner of Inavero, a Portland, Ore.–based research firm specializing in satisfaction surveys for professional services firms, many companies get...
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Factors Affecting the Salability Of A Business

Financial Results – Absolute value and trend of sales, margins, wages/payroll/occupancy costs, net, supportable seller’s discretionary earnings (“SDE”), working capital requirements. Barriers to Entry Customers – Loyalty, quality, concentration, industry & geography, diversification Products and Services Offered – Variety, mix, pricing leverage, intellectual property content, brand names Productivity & Efficiency...
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