Business Listings

Business ListingsBusiness Listings

You will find our latest business listings and completed transactions for businesses we offer in the Healthcare, Software and Technology fields below with details about each transaction. If there is a listing that you cannot find or if you have an interest in a business not shown, Contact Us.

Please note the business listings include just a few parameters such as Revenues, Net Income and List Price as these are usually the most critical elements in a business offering.  For more detailed information on a business feel free to Contact Us.

Active Listings

Listing #BusinessRevenuesNet IncomeList Price
10104Efficient C&B Dental Lab in Best LocationOver $450,000Over $80,000$350,000
10106High End C&B Dental Lab in Beautiful LocationOver $600,000Over $80,000$200,000
10107Successful Dental Practice in Affluent AreaOver $750,000Over $250,000$673,000
10105Successful C&B Dental Lab in Pacific NorthwestOver $750,000Over $200,000$450,000

Recent Completed Transactions

Listing #BusinessReceiptsNet IncomeSold Price
10103Successful Full Service Dental Lab on Long Island$1,400,000Approx. $150k$250k
10102Well Established C&B Lab in LA County, CA$1,400,000Approx. $200k$450k
10100Well Established C&B Lab in Santa Clara, CA$600,000Approx. $135k$277k
10097Very Profitable C&B Lab in San Diego, CA$1,700kApprox. $500k$1,725k
10084Large, Well Run C&B Dental Lab in CAOver $6MApprox. $500kCall
10085Medical Device Reseller$250kApprox. $250k$400k
10005Large Well Operated Dental Lab$1,350k$350k$1,049k
10011Small C&B Lab with stable client base$220kCall$55k
10007Absentee Dental Lab in Sacramento, CA$650k$250k$535k
10009Established C&B Dental Lab$580kApprox. $140k$385k
Sources for other listings include BizBen.com, BizBuySell.com, GlobalBX.com and MergerNetwork.com.