Client Testimonials

Ronnie Jagday, CFO, Basic Solutions Corp.

I worked with Chuck over the course of several weeks to acquire a dental lab. Chuck was responsive, active in due diligence, and provided helpful resources for financing. Given his expertise, I would recommend Chuck and Versant if you are pursuing the acquisition of a business and especially dental labs.

Brian Shields

Do appreciate your professionalism Chuck. You are a good man to work with.

Vinu Krishnamurthy, Managing Director at Goldfin Venture, Co-founder at Swish IO

We want to thank Chuck Mondave for his diligence and excellent service. We are extremely impressed and grateful with Chuck and his team at Versant Business Advisors. He goes above-and-beyond to help Buyer and Seller close their escrow transaction(s). He is involved with every aspect to ensure that the clients will get the best baring for their buck. He is remarkably pleasant, efficient and proactive with his clients. We highly recommend him. He is the Best!!!

Jumana Issa, President, Westside Escrow

Chuck @ Versant is absolutely, genuinely, a wonderful person.

After he reviews all your records, he will tell you honestly about the status of your business & works with you to achieve the maximum value of your business to sell. He cares for your concerns and works diligently between many buyers & you.

Chuck is always available for you & he gives you the space & time to think over your decisions. With his list of repeat buyers through his company, he can almost instantly come up with buyers who may be interested in acquiring your business.

I referred my friends & they are very happy to do business with him. Personally, he helped us with our crisis by just being there as a friend too.

He is confident in his profession without arrogance! I know his excellent communication ability with the seller & the buyer will have a happy ending, always!

Juliette Lee, Dental Lab Owner

Dear Chuck,

Thank you for all the time and effort put into the sale of my dental lab. I was pleased to get two offers within a few weeks of putting it onto the market. The transaction took a long time to clear the lender but the outcome was worth the wait.

Instead of having to sell the business as an asset sale, I took it as a stock sale above the
original asking price. This process saved me a few HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS in
taxes!!! I’m glad we went that direction.

You have handled the sale professionally while keeping me informed of the status of the transaction on a regular basis. I plan to recommend you to other lab owners when they are ready to sell.

John Dommes, Owner

Dear Chuck,

I am writing to thank you for your good work during the entire process of selling my lab. My wife and I are happy you found a motivated buyer that was willing to work with us to get a win-win agreement.

In spite of having to sell the business as an asset sale, we were able to use the personal goodwill approach you suggested. When we file our estimated tax return this will save us $40,000 or more.

Thank you for the many hours you put into working the details of the transaction, terms of the agreement and the deal to close smoothly.

Hans Hansen, Owner

Chuck, I am writing to thank you for your efforts during the entire process of selling my lab. My wife and I are happy you found a motivated buyer in such a short period of time that was willing to work with us to get a win-win agreement. I was pleasantly surprised that you were able to get the buyer to offer a price that is very close to our asking price and to allow me to continue to earn additional income in the lab. Thank you for all of your hard work and the many hours you put into working the details and terms of the transaction which allowed the deal to close smoothly.. –

Once again, I appreciate your great help !!!

Daniel Park, Owner of Danso Dental Lab

I appreciate the work you put into selling our dental lab business. I was impressed that we
had so many eager buyers willing to offer over the list price of the business.

I was assuming we would have to perform an asset-based sale given the list price but I was
pleasantly surprised to be able to agree to a stock-based sale over the list price. This
saved me tens of thousands of dollars because of the way the deal was structured.

You have handled the transaction professionally while keeping things on track to close escrow within a few months of listing. I recommend any dental business owner to consider your service when they are ready to sell.

Steve Chan

You were very patient and understanding during this emotional time in selling our medical supply business. You were able to obtain many qualified buyers in a timely manner. In the end we found the right buyer that was a great fit for all parties involved!

We appreciate your help during this process and your much appreciated hard work! We would recommend your services to other business owners wanting to make a change in the future!

Lisa Tipton, Owner

If you are looking to market your business for sale, Chuck is the #1 person I would recommend. Having been in the valley for over 25 years he has a vast network and industry experience as well as an excellent marketing program. By working with Chuck he brought a continuous stream of qualified buyers that were well screened, allowing for an efficient and productive selling process. Beyond his expertise, you will not meet a nicer person – he is sincere, honest and always has the sellers interests in mind. A true pleasure to partner up with.

Ronnie Jagday, CFO, Basic Solutions

Chuck has a wealth of knowledge and resources that he works with to answer your questions. His advice and guidance throughout the process was invaluable. His attention to detail, knowledge of the field and no-pressure approach were greatly appreciated. Chuck consistently provides prompt, courteous service and above all high professionalism. I would strongly recommend Chuck to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable and easy going Business/Commercial Broker.

Dee Badhesha, VP of Human Resources