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Versant Business Advisors offers employment for those seeking a challenging position with a growing company.  We occasionally have opportunities for interns and those looking to work part-time or do project based work. If you don’t see an opening listed here, check back later or Apply Now.

Business Development / Sales Agent, CA Only

You are needed to help us grow revenues by identifying target markets in California for expansion. You will contact business owners, entrepreneurs and investors to identify prospective buyers and sellers within the target market. Earnings potential is unlimited and you will work as a 1099 contractor while being responsible for your own expenses. You will be paid a percentage of all closed deals that you initiate. You will be responsible for identifying prospective clients, helping clients find the right business to buy or sell, locating appropriate, qualified buyers for the sales listings, managing the details of each transaction, managing the expectations of buyers and sellers and ensuring each deal closes escrow in a satisfactory manner.
What we have to offer for this position:
Earnings. Agents are paid a percentage of each deal they close. The percentage payout will depend on the level of experience, qualifications and licenses held. Agents have the opportunity to increase their payout through professional and revenue growth.
Flexibility. Agents are permitted to work their own schedule part-time or full-time to meet family and personal needs. You can work from the convenience of your home if you prefer.
No monthly fees. The company will pay marketing fees and company overhead costs. The agent is only responsible for their own marketing efforts, telephone, computer and transportation costs. Agents are independent contractors so they are responsible for his own medical and dental coverage.
Training. Training for the business development staff is provided free of charge. In addition, we encourage self-development and professional growth. This presents a win-win situation as a stronger agent makes for a better equipped team.
Infrastructure. We have spent many years putting together the processes and proprietary documentation to manage the process of selling a variety of business types. These include exclusive/nonexclusive listing agreements, confidentiality agreements, standardized purchase agreements, broker co-op agreements, lease agreements, prospectuses, escrow checklists and business sale worksheets.
Financing. We have established a network of lenders that we contact on a regular basis for the sales of businesses using commercial and SBA loans.
Nationwide Reach. We have brokers we cooperate with in order to close transactions in other states. This ensures we can assist clients in managing the sale or purchase of a business or real estate regardless of state boundaries.