We specialize in providing consulting and business brokerage services for buyers and sellers of businesses in the technology field. Our services include locating strategic and financial buyers for a variety of businesses that are the drivers in the technology field.  We also work with the owners of technology development businesses to assist in planning for a merger, retirement, revenue growth or just moving on to the next business opportunity.

Our Approach to MarketingTechnology

Our followers include several thousand buyers and entrepreneurs that we market to on a regular basis. In addition, we have established a dynamic network of consultants, service providers, lenders and investment partners for many metropolitan areas throughout California.

We have also implemented a unique marketing approach that is applied to each of our business offerings. Instead of just pasting an offering on some web site or placing a blind want ad in a journal hoping someone sees it, we offer a targeted multi-layer, marketing approach with a high closing to offering ratio.

Superior Level of Service

Probably what is most important to our clients is the personalized services that we offer. We monitor our technology based business offerings on an ongoing basis with regular feedback provided to clients. In this way we are closely involved with our clients throughout the entire process from listing to closing the business sale.

When you are ready to SELL or BUY a technology based business Contact Us.